What is Propecia?

It is a medicine used it treating one of the most annoying and tedious phenomena that men are faced with, and that is baldness. It has been reported that more than half of the overall male population is affected by this phenomenon before their thirties. That is truly an upsetting percentage.

However, the good thing is that researchers and scientists have worked hard to make a product that would help many of you get rid of that shiny top on your head and get your hair back. Propecia is one of the best such products that exist on the market. It has been carefully developed to meet all your expectations and make you satisfied and self-confident again.

And what does it actually do? Its generic name is finasteride and with the help of this substance Propecia affects your hormones and enables your hair to grow again. Of course, this cannot happen in a day or a week. It needs some time and patience, just like many things in our life, but it pays off later on. The process of hair loss is slow (it is, although you might not agree) and so is the process of its growth. A study has shown that 66% of men got their hair back in less than 24 months. This probably sounds like long period to you, but it actually is not. It is the time needed for full hair recovery.

Anyway, once your hair has grown, you will have to continue using Propecia in order to maintain the newly grown hair. Otherwise, it will gradually go back to the previous state. However, since there are no side-effects this medication can cause, a continuous use will not be harmful to your health in any way.

When it comes to women, it has not been known that Propecia can help with female-pattern baldness as well. It is, after all, structured for men use. However, there are some reports that show that Propecia, in combination with oral contraceptive pills, did show results. Anyway, you should first consult your doctor before taking anything on your own.

Children, of course, may not use this drug, since it affects hormones, and minors have yet to mature and develop their hormones which are still not in perfect balance.

To sum up, Propecia can do miracles for your hair and it is the best medicine among its kind. It takes some time for it to work and satisfy your expectations, but being patient is always a good and valuable advice which you should apply here as well. After all, it is a safe drug that will enable you to peacefully enjoy the benefits it can bring you. Unfortunately, it is not as affective for women as for men, but there have been some cases that showed improvement. So, if you have troubles with losing hair, do not wait another minute, go see your doctor, and get the prescription for Propecia, for it will restore you self-confidence and you will be your old self again.