Propecia actually saved my relationship!

I am a guy in his thirties and I have a job at an international company which pays very well. I am not married, but I have a girlfriend with whom I have been in a healthy and successful relationship for four and a half years now. She is a real sweetheart and we love each other very much.

Nevertheless, a year and a half ago, my hair started receding with extreme swiftness. I honestly did not care about it too much. I knew my father is bald and I did expect the same thing to happen to me. It is genetics, after all. Some of my colleagues noticed as well and teased me about it thinking I would mind, but when I started making jokes on myself, they realized I was really cool with it.

However, my girlfriend was not very happy about it. I asked her not to worry so much, because I did not mind either. But the more hair I lost, more worried she was. She told I looked like a sick person which, I admit, made a little angry. I noticed she started spending less and less time with me, until it came to seeing each other once a week. I had to ask her what the problem was and after some nonsense talk, she told me that my progressive baldness really bothered her.

I really loved her and did not think this a proper reason for our relationship to deteriorate, or maybe even end. I told her that and she agreed. I decided to see a doctor and find out if there was anything I could do to prevent my hair from further receding and maybe even grow some new hair. So I made an appointment and explained everything to the doctor. He said of course there was a solution for my problem, and prescribed me Propecia. I was surprised to hear that it could both stop the balding and make new hair grow.

I got back home pretty satisfied and told my girlfriend all about the drug. However, the doctor also said I would have to wait for some time to see the actual improvement. We decided to be very patient, and after a couple of months, significant improvement followed. I could tell that my girlfriend was happy again and the things really got better between us, maybe even better than they were before my baldness issue. In a year’s time, my hair was almost fully recovered and both of us were very satisfied.

So, guys, if your girlfriend gives you some trouble about your baldness or if you yourself are bothered by it, I can strongly recommend Propecia. It has proven as a very effective medicine which can help your hair recover in a short period of time. Unless you are perfectly satisfied with the shiny little top of your head, go and get your prescription for Propecia because it can give you more than just new hair – it gave me my girlfriend back.