Propecia helped me get my life back!

I am a middle-aged man. I work in a large company and my job is a very well paid one. I also have a beautiful family who has always been a strong support to me. I have always been a confident man who excelled in his performance in any aspect of his life.

However, when I was nearing thirties, I noticed that my hair was starting to recede. I thought it was not that bad and did not pay much attention to it. My wife also noticed this, but I told her it must be a natural thing and probably would not go so far as to be unbearable.

Time passed, and I did not pay any attention to it at all. But one day, I stopped in front of the mirror, and realized that I had a serious problem because my hair was not half the quality and thickness it used to be. My hair resembled that of a baby, plus almost half of it was gone.

I never believed that pills or any other forms of medications could help a man have his hair back. The next thing I did, and it was unconsciously, I started withdrawing myself. I avoided the company of my best friends, I lost interest in my job, I even stopped going out with my wife. After some time of my acting foolishly like this, my wife approached me and made me aware of what I was doing. I realized I had to do something about it and she suggested I should see a doctor.

I sad alright, but did not actually accept the idea in my mind. I still doubted that medicine could help me with something that genetics is responsible for. However, my wife did make an appointment with my doctor and I was forced to go. After he had asked me some silly questions, he told me I would have to run some tests first before he decided anything. When my test results came, he prescribed me Propecia and explained what it does and how I should take it.

I was still skeptical about it, but my wife insisted that I started taking the pills immediately, and so I did. After only one month I realized that there was some improvement after all. Actually, I noticed that there was some short newly grown hair and that the hair that did not fall off, was actually thicker and stronger. I went to my wife and told her about it with amazement.

As time went by and my hair was getting thicker, I started hanging out with my friends again, I improved at my job and I again enjoyed long walks and nights out with my wife. All in all, I was my old self again, and thanks to the magical work of Propecia. So if you are stubborn and foolish like I had been myself, take my advice and talk to your doctor about Propecia as soon as possible.