Propecia made me and my wife happy again!

My wife and I are our forties. We have nice jobs and a large family of five kids. Although we have a lot of everyday issues in raising our kids and making everything work the way it should, we always try to make it easier for both of us by being as realistic and objective as we can be. In this way we keep our heads cool and reduce the amount of necessary stress to minimum.

However, not so long ago, some two years maybe, I started losing my hair enormously quickly, and very soon the same thing happened to my wife. We just could not pull ourselves together. We thought there was nothing we could do about it. Even our kids noticed and were starting to worry about us. With time it just got worse. My wife started wearing head scarves and started wearing caps and hats, but I could not go to work like that, and neither could she without people asking questions.

We realized that we had to seek some professional medical help. Since we first thought the reason for it was stress, we first made an appointment with a psychiatrist. However, the woman said, after a short conversation, that the stress was not the issue. She said we developed a perfectly good mechanism for coping with stress and that we should look for help from another doctor.

And so we made another appointment with another doctor. When he saw the state we were in, he was shocked that we did not come to him before. He immediately sent us to run some tests and when the results came he prescribed me Propecia. However, he told my wife that she could try using it too, but in combination with contraceptive pills, so he wanted to know if she was considering pregnancy. She gave him a look and said of course she was not! She was in her forties and already had five children! He said he knew that, but it was his duty to ask. Anyway, we took the prescriptions and were anxious start the treatment.

The doctor told us that it may take some time for Propecia to work and that we had to be patient for the results, and so we were. After a month or so, we both noticed slight improvement, and after several months we were amazed to see the effect Propecia had produced. Our hair got thicker and stronger, and we were not ashamed to go out without hats on our heads anymore.

So, to all of you with issues of this kind – do not wait a minute more, as we did, for it will only make you feel worse and make your condition worse as well. The longer you wait the weaker the effectiveness of the drug will be. My wife and I are so happy to have our lives back and we honestly recommend Propecia to everyone, so go and get your prescription.